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The Vision

I strive to design and build works of art that make one stand out in a crowd; jewelry that makes the wearer feel one-of-a-kind. Each piece is crafted to become a stylish statement to be fearlessly worn and proudly displayed. In a world over-saturated with jewelry, I aim to create sophisticated compositions that bring daily pleasure and last for many lifetimes.

About Daria

Daria de Koning is the singular force behind her stylish line of handcrafted fine jewelry. A born and bred New Yorker, Daria is the daughter of an artistic Dutch immigrant and a fifth-generation American mother. A childhood spent traveling in the Netherlands, the center of modern design, but ensconced in a formal American upbringing influenced both her personality and her design sense.

By eleven years of age, Daria already had a burgeoning rock and gem collection, and was making jewelry out of anything she could get her hands on – selling her rudimentary work to friends, passersby, and even a retail store. Formally, Daria trained as an artist and graphic designer at Washington University in St. Louis, simultaneously falling in irrevocable love with metalsmithing. It was only natural then, that Daria would follow her lifelong passion for rocks and gems and obtain a Graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America.

Daria’s atypical combination of self-taught and studied goldsmith techniques as a foundation of her jewelry design exemplifies the ideal unity between art and jewelry. Combined with an exceptional aptitude for melding colors and a fascination with jewelry as a mode of expression, Daria’s unique eye serves to make the unusual captivating. Her distinct heritage inspires a fine jewelry line possessing conceptual conviction, exemplary craftsmanship and a cultivated elegance for a collection as precious as it is everyday.  

Rave Reviews

"The engagement ring Daria designed is a tour de force of exquisite jewelry. Melded and welded with the finest of materials, and attention to detail, her work is not just another piece of jewelry, but more a rare find, a work of art." –DCW



“DdeK, service with a smile!  Despite all of my attempts to make this highly stressful process as complicated and painful as possible, Daria steered me through it with patience and poise.  Couldn’t have done it without her help and both my wife and I are thrilled with the results and get compliments wherever we are. ” – NPB 



"My husband gave me a pair of Daria's earrings when our daughter was born. I wear them all of the time, both with fancy outfits and jeans and a tee-shirt. Not only are they beautiful but they are a special reminder of a very important event in my life."   –JTH



"Not a day goes by without my wife getting a compliment on her engagement ring from Daria.  She was very discrete and easy to work with considering the several thousands of miles between us at the time.  Her prices are fair and I recommend her to all my friends!" –TC       



"Where ever we go people truly stop me to comment on my beautiful ring.  Daria was able to help my husband buy the ring that I have always wanted.  It's perfect!"  –BCB



“Daria has become my family's preferred jeweler. She designed my engagement ring and other gorgeous pieces, including one of her signature cuffs. All my cousins and I wear her shell necklaces, too. I love how Daria is able to put a modern twist on classic designs. Her vision is unique. I know I will be able to appreciate the style, quality and beauty of her designs for a lifetime!!”   –DC





“Each of my nine bridesmaids wore Daria de Koning earrings to my ceremony.  A month before my wedding, I asked Daria to design earrings that were understated, elegant, and feminine.  Most important, they had to incorporate my favorite color as well as the color of my bridesmaid dresses: lilac.  Daria nailed it with earrings of lilac amethyst and white crystal.  Above all, she was efficient and reasonably priced.  My bridesmaids loved them and could not stop saying how much the earrings personified me.  Those earrings are now forever etched in my memory of that special day.”  –TPP



“Working with Daria was really easy. I had a vague idea of what I wanted for our bridesmaid's earrings, but nothing specific. I gave Daria my budget and sent her a sample of the dress material. She then came up with several designs for me to choose from including some ideas for which stones to use. The rest of the order went smoothly. It all arrived on time and came beautifully packaged. The whole process was exciting and enjoyable. Daria is wonderful to work with and really listened to what I wanted.” –JW



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