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What I've Been Thinking

The Covid-19 epidemic has given me a gift – which is to be at home. More than anything, I love to travel and to be on the road meeting new people, catching up with old pals and sharing my jewelry with all of you. I was as anxious as the rest of us when this pandemic began, but as I take a moment to reflect on the last 10-plus weeks, I realize how many things I am grateful for. One of which is the opportunity to slow down and just be – to sit and stare at and play with my gems on my design bench, read a good book on rocks, enjoy my home, to spend time with my husband (it's like when we first started dating!), to get to really know my neighbors... the list goes on. I have been both thrilled and humbled by the incredible reaction to my new collection this past month and I want to say thank you for all your love, support and kind notes along the way.

In this time of uneasiness, jewelry is equally as important –if not more so– than it was before all this started. Beauty has been an integral part of civilization for thousands of years, and not just in a decorative sense. It was a way of encountering the world – a wake up call to the plenitude of life, to the possibilities in front of you. When we happen upon beauty, we experience a surplus of aliveness and it takes you out of your self  – you are no longer the center of your life. So I invite you to let the positive, grand energy from the beauty around you transform you. Let jewelry be a physical reminder of your intentions.  Keep on seeing the bright side of life and take pleasure in your gorgeous jewels, even if you're just hanging at home!
Rainbows in Santa Fe