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Gifts For Your Mom for Mother's Day and Beyond

Written by Daria de Koning

Posted on May 07 2021

Picking out a Mother’s Day gift is not always the easiest thing to do, as there are so many wonderful presents out there! While the holiday only comes once a year, if you have as wonderful a mom as I had, you would want to give her gifts all year long! Check off all those amazing mom's on your list with these fantastic gifts for her!

For the Fashionable Mom Who Loves Bling

Daria de Koning didn’t just become the “Gem Whisperer” overnight.  Her sights were set on creating a world where her art influenced the way people wore color and elements.  Mothers around the world collect Daria’s jewelry as works of art meant to be worn and treasured as pieces of a vast collection of beauty.  Mother’s Day makes Daria think of all the wonderful women in her family and friends circle, matriarchs who have been nurturing and encouraging of her and her jewelry career since she was a young girl. She often recounts that because of her mother and grandmother’s influence, she can bring beauty to women every day….not just on Mother’s Day.

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